Best practices for corporate MOOCs and SPOCs

In this article, representatives from ten companies give their advice for implementing MOOCs and SPOCs.

Freifeld, L. (2016) ‘Do’s and Don’ts for MOOCs and SPOCs’: Best practices for developing Massive Open Online Courses and Small Private Online Courses’, Training Magazine, September/October, pp. 20-26 [Online]. Available at


  1. Skillsoft
  2. Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)
  3. ADP
  4. EdX
  5. Gayeski Analytics
  6. Applestar Productions
  7. ADP
  8. Tenaris
  9. Udemy
  10. Central Michigan University


Small private online courses (SPOCs) came about as a way to address some of the shortcomings seen in MOOCs, namely low participation and completion rates and uneven content relevance. SPOCs are useful for topics that require more intensive learning than can be accomplished in a webinar. They also have an approach that includes more social learning activities such as forums, hangouts, peer evaluations, and group projects and assignments.

Note: One interesting side point in this article was in a case study of ADP. They created a MOOC to teach their staff a new method for implementing one of their products. The MOOC had a 90% completion rate and 86.9% of team activities earned a competent rating.




If evaluating vendors to help with a corporate MOOC, consider:


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By 2015, Tenaris held six SPOCs (with two more planned for 2016/2017) and four MOOCs. The SPOCs have been attended by over 600 employees, and the MOOCs have had over 40,000 students. They use the edX platform:

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