Brain-Based Learning

Brain-Based Learning cover

Jensen, E. (2008) Brain-Based Learning: The new paradigm of teaching, 2nd ed., USA, Corwin Press.

This book is a pop-science book aimed at applying neuroscience to instructional design and teaching.

My reading notes

Part 1: Fundamentals of brain-based learning

Ch. 1: What is brain-based learning?

Ch. 2: How your student’s brain learns

Ch. 3: Brain dominance in learning

Ch. 4: Rhythms of the brain

Part 2: Physiological effects on learning

Ch. 5: Biological differences in learning

Ch. 6: The impact of physical movement on the brain

Ch. 7: Stress and threat

Part 3: Sensory contributions to learning

Ch. 8: The role of sight in learning

Ch. 9: The role of touch in learning

Ch. 10: The role of taste in learning

Ch. 11: The roles of smell and acoustics in learning

Ch. 12: The role of emotions in learning

Part 4: Neuroscientific perspective on teaching and learning

Ch. 13: Teacher communication

Ch. 14: The non-conscious learning climate

Ch. 15: Motivation and rewards

Ch. 16: Attention and survival value

Ch. 17: Teaching how to think

Ch. 18: Memory and creating patterns of meaning

Ch. 19: Meaning making

Part 5: Brain-compatible classrooms

Ch. 20: Enriching the brain

Ch. 21: Curriculum in brain-compatible classroom

Ch. 22: Assessment with the brain in mind

Ch. 23: Brain-based reform

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