Brilliance by Design

Brilliance by Design cover

Halsey, V. (2011) Brilliance by Design: Creating learning experiences that connect, inspire, and ENGAGE, San Francisco, CA, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

This book is centered around the ENGAGE model for instructional design, which the author proposes as a way to ensure engagement and active learning.

My reading notes

Ch. 1: Fire up the synergy between learners and teachers

Ch. 2: Craft content that sings

Ch. 3: The ENGAGE model: An overview

Ch. 4: Step 1: Energize learners

Ch. 5: Step 2: Navigate content

Ch. 6: Step 3: Generate meaning

Ch. 7: Step 4: Apply the real world

Ch. 8: Step 5: Gauge and celebrate

Ch. 9: Step 6: Extend learning to action

Ch. 10: Bringing out brilliance in the virtual classroom

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