Cultivating Communities of Practice

Cultivating Communities of Practice cover

Wenger, E., McDermott, R., and Snyder, W. (2002) Cultivating Communities of Practice: A guide to managing knowledge, Boston, MA, Harvard Business School Press.

This book followed Wenger’s 1998 book about communities of practice. The former book focused more on theory, while this book outlines ways in which communities of practice can be cultivated.

My reading notes

Ch. 1: Communities of practice and their value to organizations

Ch. 2: Communities of practice and their structural elements

Ch. 3: Seven principles for cultivating communities of practice

Ch. 4: The early stages of development

Ch. 5: The mature stages of development

Ch. 6: The challenge of distributed communities

Ch. 7: The downside of communities of practice

Ch. 8: Measuring and managing value creation

Ch. 9: Community-based knowledge initiatives

Ch. 10: Reweaving the world

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