Designing Effective Instruction

Designing Effective Instruction cover

Morrison, G., Ross, S., and Kemp, J. (2004) Designing Effective Instruction, 4th ed., USA, John Wiley & Sons.

This book sets out the M-R-K (Morrison-Ross-Kemp) instructional design model (which is also called the Kemp model):

M-R-K instructional design model

Components of the instructional design plan (Morrison et al., 2004, p. 9)

My reading notes

Ch. 1: Introduction to the instructional design process

Ch. 2: Identifying the need for instruction

Ch. 3: Learner and contextual analysis

Ch. 4: Task analysis

Ch. 5: Instructional objectives

Ch. 6: Designing the instruction: Sequencing

Ch. 7: Designing the instruction: Strategies

Ch. 8: Designing the instructional message

Ch. 9: Developing instructional materials

Ch. 10: The many faces of evaluation

Ch. 11: Developing evaluation instruments

Ch. 12: Using evaluation to enhance programs: Conducting formative and summative evaluations

Ch. 13: The role of the instructional designer

Ch. 14: Planning and project management

Ch. 15: Planning for instructional implementation

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