The Digital Scholar: How Technology is Transforming Scholarly Practice

Weller, The Digital Scholar

Weller, M. (2011) The Digital Scholar: How technology is transforming academic practice, London, Bloomsbury Academic. Also available online at

This book  looks at how technology has affected academia, and in particular how it has affected the work practices of university professors.

My reading notes

Ch. 1: Digital, networked, and open

Ch. 2: Is the revolution justified?

Ch. 3: Lessons from other sectors

Ch. 4: The nature of scholarship

Ch. 5: Researchers and new technology

Ch. 6: Interdisciplinarity and permeable boundaries

Ch. 7: Public engagement as collateral damage

Ch. 8: A pedagogy of abundance

Ch. 9: Openness in education

Ch. 10: Network weather

Ch. 11: Reward and tenure

Ch. 12: Publishing

Ch. 13: The medals of our defeats

Ch. 14: Digital resilience

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