Employee Training and Development

Employee Training and Development cover

Noe, R. (2010) Employee Training and Development, 5th ed., New York, McGraw Hill/Irwin.

This book  is dedicated to workplace training.

My reading notes

Part 1: The context for training and development

Ch. 1: Introduction to employee training and development

Ch. 2: Strategic training

Part 2: Designing training

Ch. 3: Needs assessment

Ch. 4: Learning: Theories and program design

Ch. 5: Transfer of training

Ch. 6: Training evaluation

Part 3: Training and development methods

Ch. 7: Traditional training methods

Ch. 8: E-learning and use of technology in training

Ch. 9: Employee development

Ch. 10: Special issues in training and employee development

Part 4: Careers and career management

Ch. 11: Careers and career management

Ch. 12: Special challenges in career management

Part 5: The future

Ch. 13: The future of training and development

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