Knowledge and Practice: Representations and Identities

Knowledge and Practice cover

Murphy, P. and McCormick, R. (eds) (2012) Knowledge and Practice: Representations and Identities, London, SAGE Publications Ltd. in association with The Open University.

This book  has a collection of journal articles that look at the intersection of knowledge and practice through the lens of sociocultural theory. I read this book as part of my studies for the OU module E846, ‘Curriculum, learning, and society’.

My reading notes

Section 1: Epistemological dilemmas

Ch. 1: Everyday life and learning

Ch. 2: Abilities are forms of developing expertise

Ch. 3: On two metaphors for learning and the dangers of choosing just one

Ch. 4: Concepts of workplace knowledge

Section 2: Thinking about curriculum

Ch. 5: Constituting the workplace curriculum

Ch. 6: Emotion, functionality and the everyday experience of music: where does music education fit?

Ch. 7: Information and communications technology, knowledge and pedagogy

Ch. 8: Students’ experiences of ability grouping: disaffection, polarisation, and the construction of failure

Section 3: Representations of knowledge and learner identities

Ch. 9: Changing pedagogy: vocational learning and assessment

Ch. 10: Mapping the transformation of understanding

Ch. 11: Learning to be engineers: how engineer identity embodied expertise, gender, and power

Ch. 12: Expanding our understandings of urban science education by expanding the roles of students as researchers

Ch. 13: Schooled mathematics and cultural knowledge

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