Multimedia-Based Instructional Design

Multimedia-based Instructional Design cover

Lee, W. and Owens, D. (2004) Multimedia-based Instructional Design: Computer-based training, web-based training, distance broadcast training, performance-based solutions, 2nd ed., USA, Pfeiffer.

This book is a little older (published in 2004) for its subject matter, but it provides a clear and still-relevant description of the nuts-and-bolts ADDIE activities in play during the instructional design process.

My reading notes

Part 1: Multimedia needs assessment and analysis

Ch. 1: Introduction to multimedia needs assessment and front-end analysis

Ch. 2: Needs assessment

Ch. 3: Front-end analysis

Ch. 4: Audience analysis

Ch. 5: Technology analysis

Ch. 6: Situational analysis

Ch. 7: Task analysis

Ch. 8: Critical incident analysis

Ch. 9: Issue analysis

Ch. 10: Objective analysis

Ch. 11: Media analysis

Ch. 12: Extant data analysis

Ch. 13: Cost analysis

Ch. 14: Rapid analysis method

Part 2: Multimedia instructional design

Ch. 15: Introduction to multimedia instructional design

Ch. 16: Project schedule

Ch. 17: Project team

Ch. 18: Media specifications

Ch. 19: Content structure

Ch. 20: Configuration control

Part 3: Multimedia development and implementation

Ch. 21: Introduction to multimedia development

Ch. 22: Common development components

Ch. 23: Developing computer-based learning environments

Ch. 24: Developing internet, intranet, web-based, and performance support learning environments

Ch. 25: Developing interactive distance broadcast environments

Part 4: Multimedia evaluation

Ch. 26: Introduction to multimedia evaluation

Ch. 27: Purpose of evaluation

Ch. 28: Evaluation strategy

Ch. 29: Evaluation plan

Ch. 30: Measures of validity

Ch. 31: Instrument development

Ch. 32: Collecting and analyzing data

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