Optimizing the Power of Action Learning

Optimizing the Power of Action Learning cover

Marquardt, M. (2011) Optimizing the Power of Action Learning: Real-time strategies for developing leaders, building teams, and transforming organizations, 2nd ed., Boston, MA, Nicholas Brealey Publishers.

“Action learning” is the process of taking an action to solve a problem and then reflecting on the results of that action to learn and to improve processes. Using case studies from companies around the world, this book presents practical strategies for implementing action learning programs within organizations.

My reading notes

Ch. 1: Emergence of the power of action learning

Part 1: Applying the six components of action learning

Ch. 2: The problem

Ch. 3: The group

Ch. 4: Questions and reflection

Ch. 5: Action strategies

Ch. 6: Individual, team, and organizational learning

Ch. 7: The action learning coach

Part 2: Twelve steps for sustainable action learning

Ch. 8: Introducing, implementing, and sustaining action learning in organizations

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