Pedagogy and Practice: Culture and Identities

Pedagogy and Practice cover

Hall, K., Murphy, P., and Soler, J. (eds) (2012) Pedagogy and Practice: Culture and Identities, London, SAGE Publications Ltd. in association with The Open University.

This book  has a collection of journal articles that look at the intersection of pedagogy and practice through the lens of sociocultural theory. I read this book as part of my studies for the OU module E846, ‘Curriculum, learning, and society’.

My reading notes

Section 1: Thinking about pedagogy

Ch. 1: Pedagogy, curriculum, and culture

Ch. 2: Defining pedagogy

Ch. 3: Learning from other people in the workplace

Ch. 4: Observing sociocultural activity on three planes: participatory appropriation, guided participation, and apprenticeship

Ch. 5: The in-between: exposing everyday learning at work

Section 2: Cultural bridging

Ch. 6: Leaving middle childhood and moving into teenhood: small stories revealing identity and agency

Ch. 7: Identity in practice

Ch. 8: Funds of knowledge for teaching in Latino households

Ch. 9: ‘This is our school’: provision, purpose, and pedagogy of supplementary schooling in Leeds and Oslo

Section 3: Shaping identities

Ch. 10: Gender, assessment and students’ literacy learning: implications for formative assessment

Ch. 11: New ways of knowing: learning at the margins

Ch. 12: Constructing and deconstructing masculinity through critical literacy

Ch. 13: Assessment as learning? How the use of explicit learning objectives, assessment criteria and feedback in post-secondary education and training can come to dominate learning

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