Planning Programs for Adult Learners

Planning Programs for Adult Learners cover

Caffarella, R. and Daffron, S. (2013) Planning Programs for Adult Learners: A practical guide, 3rd ed., USA, Jossey-Bass.

This book is a step-by-step guide for creating training programs for adults.

My reading notes

Ch. 1: Planning programs for adults: What it’s all about

Ch. 2: Introducing the interactive model of program planning

Ch. 3: Exploring foundation knowledge of program planning

Ch. 4: Discerning the context

Ch. 5: Building a solid base of support

CH. 6: Identifying and prioritizing ideas and needs

Ch. 7: Developing program goals and objectives

Ch. 8: Designing instruction

Ch. 9: Devising transfer of learning plans

Ch. 10: Formulating program evaluation plans

Ch. 11: Selecting formats, scheduling, and staffing programs

Ch. 12: Preparing and managing budgets

Ch. 13: Organizing marketing campaigns

Ch. 14: Details, details, details

Ch. 15: Revisiting the model and looking to the future

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