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One of my graduate courses required a group project as part of a block about the Learning Design Studio. Our project developed a Google Site for our work. This is a copy of my contributions to the group effort, reformatted for this website. The project starts here.

About Katherine

I’ve been working in the overlapping fields of technical writing and instructional design for about 15 years now. I work primarily with large oil and gas companies, helping people learn the technology around them in their workplace — usually software, but sometimes their job roles or even the tools they use on a drilling rig.

My interest in, and vision for, the project

My interest in this project: I was attracted to this project because it seemed more pertinent to my future work than the others. My work doesn’t have anything to do with historical places, but sometimes it does involve location-specific information. For that type of work (location-specific work), I’ve recently thought that augmented reality (AR) is a perfect solution. You can read more about my interest in on my blog post about AR.

Similarities/differences in visions: I’m hoping that we can incorporate AR into this project, or identify other cool ways to accomplish the same goals. If it turns out that we don’t go in that direction, of course that’s fine as I suspect that the main objective has little to do with the project we were assigned or even the topic we investigate, so much as it is about the design process itself.

My vision for team organisation: I usually prefer a very flexible and flat organisation. I think what’s most important is that we all commit to, and remain visibly accountable for, doing our fair share of the work; that we all value quality and each other’s time; and that we all clearly communicate our progress and abilities so that others can fill in as needed along the way.

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