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One of my graduate courses required a group project as part of a block about the Learning Design Studio. Our project developed a Google Site for our work. This is a copy of my contributions to the group effort, reformatted for this website. The project starts here.

Preliminary research

Before doing the actual design work, we did research of past innovations to avoid reinventing the wheel and making common mistakes. To do this, we looked at case studies and theoretical frameworks. From those, we derived design patterns and principles.

Case studies and theoretical framework

We reviewed academic literature to find case studies of techno-pedagogical innovations that provide guidance for our own project’s challenge. For each, we used the S.T.A.R.R. outline (Situation, Task, Actions, Results, Reflections) to share:

Case studies:

Design patterns and principles

From the above case studies, we noticed the Learners First pattern.

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