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One of my graduate courses required a group project as part of a block about the Learning Design Studio. Our project developed a Google Site for our work. This is a copy of my contributions to the group effort, reformatted for this website. The project starts here.

About our project

Our assigned project requires focusing on a local place:

Choose a local site, and a topic based on the history of that site. Choose a target audience (school groups/weekend visitors/university students). Design an activity to engage the target audience with the selected topic using mobile and/or social technology.

With our group, there is no single ‘local’ place, as we live in Europe, North America, and Asia.


Globes by Katherine Hinchey, created as work-for-hire for Schlumberger; modified for this course only

Drawn together via the power of the Internet, our world is now small enough that a single class can consist of students around the globe. In a similar fashion, the world was drawn closer together and made smaller with the advent of aviation, the history of which is cataloged in museums everywhere. Our project, then, focuses on tying together historical objects in aviation museums found in our respective geographical locales.

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