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One of my graduate courses required a group project as part of a block about the Learning Design Studio. Our project developed a Google Site for our work. This is a copy of my contributions to the group effort, reformatted for this website. The project starts here.


Welcome to the home of our Global Aviation project, part of the “Local Historians” project for H817 TMA03.


This was the first successful heavier-than-air powered flight, made  by the Wright brothers in North Carolina, USA. Orville Wright was at the controls, and Wilbur Wright ran alongside. This photo is made available from the U.S. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs division  , and is in the Public Domain.

Our group are scattered across continents and time zones and so the commonality that joins us together is aviation—how we travel and reach out to each other. Rather than focusing on one single site, we aim to produce a project that pulls together multiple  “aviation history” sites close to our homes around the world.

Please feel free to look around. Thanks for reading!

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