Show Your Work

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Bozarth, J. (2014) Show Your Work: The payoffs and how-to’s of working out loud, San Francisco, CA, John Wiley & Sons.

This book takes a look at how and why people share their work practices and methods with others.

Much of work is documented, but the documentation shares explicit knowledge and little in the way of implicit knowledge. It focuses on the standard needs and processes but is less helpful when it comes to the exceptions. In this book, “showing your work” is not best practices, models, or formulas. Instead, it exposes the exceptions, work-arounds, common mistakes, and expert opinions, and situates the work within its wider context as an activity within a workflow.

My reading notes

Ch. 1: Introduction

Ch. 2: Benefits to organizations

Ch. 3: Workers: What’s in it for you?

Ch. 4: What is knowledge? and why do people share it?

Ch. 5: “This is how I do that.”

Ch. 6: Learning and development

Ch. 7: How?

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