Structured On-the-Job Training

Structured On-the-Job Training cover

Jacobs, R., and Jones, M. (1995) Structured On-the-Job Training: Unleashing employee expertise in the workplace, San Francisco, CA, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

This book is about the one-on-one training that happens when one worker shows another how to perform a task.

My reading notes

Part 1: Meeting the demand for employee expertise

Ch. 1: The challenge of developing employee expertise

Ch. 2: A system view of structured on-the-job training (OJT)

Part 2: Designing, delivering, and evaluating structured OJT

Ch. 3: Deciding whether to use structured OJT

Ch. 4: Analyzing the tasks to be learned

Ch. 5: Selecting, training, and managing employees to deliver structured OJT

Ch. 6: Preparing the training modules

Ch. 7: Getting ready to deliver structured OJT

Ch. 8: Delivering managerial, technical, and awareness training

Ch. 9: Evaluating and troubleshooting structured OJT

Part 3: Using structured OJT

Ch. 10: Managing the change process and issues in the use of structured OJT

Ch. 11: Conclusion: Developing a culture of expertise

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