Telling Ain’t Training

Telling Ain't Training cover Beyond Telling Ain't Training Fieldbook cover

Stolovitch, H. and Keeps, E. (2002) Telling Ain’t Training, Baltimore, MD, ASTD Press.
Stolovitch, H. and Keeps, E. (2005) Beyond Telling Ain’t Training Fieldbook: Methods, activities, and tools for effective workplace learning, Baltimore, MD, ASTD Press.

This book  and this book provide ideas for interactive and engaging training sessions, and reasons for not giving lecture-based presentations in lieu of active training.

My reading notes

Section 1: The human learner — what research tells us

Learning is not easy

An introduction to some familiar terms

The human learner

Section 2: What you must know to be a better trainer

Getting learners to learn

Adult learning principles

A five-step model for creating terrific training sessions

Getting learners to remember

Section 3: Applying what you have learned — making learning research work

Training approaches and a cornucopia of learning activities

Testing or examining: What’s the difference?

Hit or myth: What’s the truth?

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