The ABCs of How We Learn

The ABCs of How We Learn cover

Schwartz, D., Tsang, J., and Blair, K. (2016) The ABCs of How We Learn: 26 scientifically proven approaches, how they work, and when to use them, New York, W. W. Norton & Company.

I first learned about this book  when it was featured in an NPR segment  as a Best Book of 2016. It has the feel of a pop-science book, with a hook of using each letter of the alphabet to introduce a concept, but the author is the Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University, which lends quite a bit of credibility to the work.

My reading notes

Ch. 1: A is for Analogy

Ch. 2: B is for Belonging

Ch. 3: C is for Contrasting Cases

Ch. 4: D is for Deliberate Practice

Ch. 5: E is for Elaboration

Ch. 6: F is for Feedback

Ch. 7: G is for Generation

Ch. 8: H is for Hands On

Ch. 9: I is for Imaginative Play

Ch. 10: J is for Just-In-Time Telling

Ch. 11: K is for Knowledge

Ch. 12: L is for Listening and Sharing

Ch. 13: M is for Making

Ch. 14: N is for Norms

Ch. 15: O is for Observation

Ch. 16: P is for Participation

Ch. 17: Q is for Question Driven

Ch. 18: R is for Reward

Ch. 19: S is for Self-Explanation

Ch. 20: T is for Teaching

Ch. 21: U is for Undoing

Ch. 22: V is for Visualization

Ch. 23: W is for Worked Examples

Ch. 24: X is for eXcitement

Ch. 25: Y is for Yes I Can

Ch. 26: Z is for ZZZs

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