The Fifth Discipline

The Fifth Discipline cover

Senge, P. (2006) The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization, New York, Doubleday.

This book  is an updated edition of Senge’s seminal work on the importance of companies becoming learning organizations.

My reading notes

Part 1: How our actions create our reality… and how we can change it

Ch. 1: “Give me a lever long enough… and single-handed I can move the world”

Ch. 2: Does your organization have a learning disability?

Ch. 3: Prisoners of the system, or prisoners of our own thinking?

Part 2: The fifth discipline: The cornerstone of the learning organization

Ch. 4: The laws of the fifth discipline

Ch. 5: A shift of mind

Ch. 6: Nature’s template: Identifying the patterns that control events

Ch. 7: Self-limiting or self-sustaining growth

Part 3: The core disciplines: Building the learning organization

Ch. 8: Personal mastery

Ch. 9: Mental models

Ch. 10: Shared vision

Ch. 11: Team learning

Part 4: Reflections from practice

Ch. 12: Foundations

Ch. 13: Impetus

Ch. 14: Strategies

Ch. 15: The leader’s new work

Ch. 16: Systems citizens

Ch. 17: Frontiers

Part 5: Coda

Ch. 18: The indivisible whole

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