Training Ain’t Performance

Training Ain't Performance cover Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook cover

Stolovitch, H., and Keeps, E. (2004) Training Ain’t Performance, USA, ASTD Press.
Stolovitch, H., and Keeps, E. (2006) Beyond Training Ain’t Performance Fieldbook: Strategies, tools, and guidance for effective workplace performance, USA, ASTD Press.

Training hopes to narrow performance gaps, but is not the sole path to performance improvement. This book  and this book compare the two and explain how performance diagnosis and subsequent solutions can improve performance in the workplace.

My reading notes

The performance system

What’s my greatest performance block?

Engineering effective performance

From training order-taker to performance consultant

Why training fails: Maybe necessary… rarely sufficient

Panoply of performance interventions

Making it happen

The bottom line: Demonstrating the return-on-investment of your performance interventions

Hit or myth: Separating facts from workplace performance fiction

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