Training on Trial

Kirkpatrick, Training on Trial cover

Kirkpatrick, J., and Kirkpatrick, W. (2010) Training on Trial: How workplace learning must reinvent itself to remain relevant, New York, American Management Association.

This book  discusses why workplace training initiatives fail, and concrete steps that can be taken to improve the partnership between training departments and the companies in which they reside.

My reading notes

Ch. 1: The case against us

Ch. 2: Taking the case

Ch. 3: The foundation of our defense

Ch. 4: Step 1. Pledge to work together

Ch. 5: Step 2. Address important jury issues

Ch. 6: Step 3. Refine expectations to define outcomes

Ch. 7: Step 4. Target critical behaviors and required drivers

Ch. 8: Step 5. Identify necessities for success

Ch. 9: Step 6. Execute the initiative

Ch. 10: Step 7. ROE, or return on expectations

Ch. 11: Examples from our stars

Ch. 12: Call to action

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