Visual Design Solutions

Visual Learning Solutions cover

Malamed, C. (2015) Visual Design Solutions: Principles and creative inspiration for learning professionals, Hoboken, New Jersey, Wiley.

This book  provides visual design guidance for instructional designers.

My reading notes

Part 1: The big ideas

Ch. 1: Like a hand in glove

Ch. 2: Think like a designer, you are one

Ch. 3: Work like a designer

Part 2: Building blocks of design

Ch. 4: Organizing graphic space

Ch. 5: Selecting and creating images

Ch. 6: Working with type

Part 3: Power principles

Ch. 7: Use color with purpose

Ch. 8: Establish a visual hierarchy

Ch. 9: Unify the design

Ch. 10: Create contrast

Ch. 11: Group for meaning

Part 4: Practicing design

Ch. 12: Show them where to look

Ch. 13: Add some excitement

Ch. 14: Enhance meaning

Ch. 15: Tell stories with visuals

Ch. 16: Make numbers interesting

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